Practice Sessions Still Running

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The practice sessions, hosted by Toby and Michal, will continue every Tuesday and Thursday at the Elmgrove Centre 8 – 10pm, so there’s no need to stop dancing during this temporary break in the term. For those of you who have not been before, the entrance to the main hall of the Elmgrove Centre is on Elmgrove Road (not the little hall on Redland Road). For those who have not… Read More »Practice Sessions Still Running

Progress Through Practice

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[image id=”2971″ width=”700″ align=”right”]Elmgrove practice[/image]Classes are great and dances are fun, but to really get the most out of dancing I personally need something in between. In a class you are told what to do and concentrate on only a few steps at a time. At a dance you want to enjoy yourself so you tend to only do what already comes naturally. What is missing is the crucial transition… Read More »Progress Through Practice