Cairns Rd Baptist Church Hall

Cairns Rd, Redland Bristol, BS6 7TH

The Cairns Road Baptist Church Hall is on the Kellaway Avenue end of Cairns Road. We are in the upstairs hall. Enter the hall through the doors under the awning and go up the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Car Parking

You will probably have to park in the surrounding streets as there is only limited parking at the venue. There is a small car park in the forecourt of the church. There is also a small car park behind the dance hall, adjacent to the Westbury Park Spiraturalist Church car park which is accessed through a narrow driveway.

Please do not park in the Westbury Park Spiraturalist Church car park, next door to the Baptist Church, as they don’t like it and you may get locked in.

Please be considerate to the neighbours of our venues and do not park across driveways or garages or in front of any drop curbs when attending our classes. Thank you.

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schematic map of area around Cairns Rd