Reviews of Our Dance Classes in Bristol

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Reviews help people decide to come to our classes and it is important to always have up to date reviews, so if you are a student please add your review to our Google Plus Local Page. (Please note that we use three venues not just the one shown on the map)

Bristol Dance Experience 4.94.9 out of 5.0 based on 14 user reviews

Reviewed by Karolina Jaworska,
3 December 2019

I love coming to the dance classes. All lessons are very relaxed and friendly. You will pick up all the moves quickly even if you think you have two left legs!

Reviewed by Christopher Power,
6 December 2019

Started beginners ballroom this autumn (2019) at the Elmgrove centre with Helia as our teacher. The classes are excellent and Helia is a fantastic teacher, keeping the lessons fun. Even with my two left feet I seemed to have picked up the basics. Classes have a wide range of ages from the younger students to the older retirees.

Reviewed by Francoise Seigle,
4 December 2019

Very nice and friendly classes ! Lessons are very easy to follow, we repeat the steps several times, and we can progress quickly, now we just have to continue to practice ! Thanks a lot

Reviewed by Kathryn hale,
20 July 2019

My wife Kath used to do a ballroom dance class with Eric about 30 years ago. We attended the social ballroom dance at the Greenway Centre last evening with some friends & we all enjoyed ourselves. A friendly atmosphere and a good mix of all ages & abilities. Kath says the music is still as good as all those years ago! All being well we're hoping to join a beginners class in the Autumn.

Reviewed by Domenica Hall,
31 March 2019

We really look forward to our dance class. Eric and Helia are simply the best teachers. The lessons are fun and well structured. New steps are thoroughly explained and thought, with plenty of opportunity given to practice. We have gained so much confidence since attending the classes and it is such a lovely hobby to enjoy together.
We would recommend Bristol Dance Experience to anyone .

The following are reviews our students have left on Qype.

Reviewed by chlchl,
23 April 2011


I really enjoy learning from Eric & Helia as they are good and caring teachers, a lot of humor and laughter during the classes. The weekly dance classes is my must go activities.

Reviewed by tampinator,
4 May 2011


If you want to learn to to dance....Ballroom/Latin or Salsa....Bristol Dance Experience is a great place to do it. Their lessons are conducted in a friendly and informal way but with a great deal of expertise. You don't need to take a partner, you don't need any special footwear and there is no age limit. Be prepared to have a few laughs though.

Reviewed by AnnetteJ,
23 June 2012


Absolutely love our dance classes with Bristol Dance Experience. We've been attending for a few years and have progressed well due to excellent tuition. The fact that the classes are also fun and the people in our group are really nice make our weekly attendance compulsory. Is it possible to give higher than this 'five star' rating? Recommend you check it out for yourselves - you've got nothing to lose 🙂

Reviewed by esmith,
24 June 2012


If you'd like to learn to dance ballroom in Bristol, this is the place to do it! I have been going to classes at Bristol Dance Experience for just over 18 months now. The lessons are relaxed and friendly, and cater in a progressive fashion from beginners up to experienced dancers. There are also regular practice classes and dances where you can try out what you have learned in class. It's very sociable and a lot of fun, I really look forward to my weekly class.

Reviewed by tandksheldon,
25 June 2012


Once you begin Ballroom and Latin dancing you will never want to give it up! It's great fun, good exercise and a wonderful way to meet people and make new friends. Eric and Helia at the Bristol Dance Experience will help you along your dancing journey from your first nervous and tentative steps until you are able to glide around the floor and discover moves you never knew you could do - don't be shy, give it a try!

Reviewed by Spjb500,
16 March 2012


We have just completed our first term dancing and we love it. We didn't even know one step when we arrived, now we have learned the basics of six dances. The teaching style is fantastic, the basics are covered in slow time and revisited, and everyone in the class has fun.

We definitely recommend Bristol Dance Experience!

Reviewed by CatherineBlease,
20 July 2013


Loving the dance lessons, good fun, always a laugh and good exercise. Have been doing the beginners' class for 3 months so far and will be continuing after Easter. Recommended.

Reviewed by sms974,
22 March 2013


Fantastic, fun and friendly dance classes. Excellent teaching makes learning a variety of dances easy (even for the poorly coordinated). Really enjoyed the first term and will be back for the next. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by SarahinBristol,
24 March 2013


We started as absolute beginners and these classes were fantastic. Really friendly and helpful teachers. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Borough78,
25 March 2013


If you want to learn to dance, this is where you need to come!

Reviewed by amieisdancing,
6 July 2013


Brilliant dance classes with friendly teachers, very reasonably priced for the length of time of the class and the quality of the teaching. I love the classes and look forward to them every week.

Reviewed by ClareMichele,
20 July 2013


We love these classes. Been going for years. It's always fun with a very high standard of teaching mixed with humour. Highly recommend Eric and Helia's dance experience.

Reviewed by Reba14,
20 July 2013


I have been learning to dance since September 2012 and hate to miss a lesson! I have made many friends and look forward to both the practise session and the lessons every week. Eric has incredible patience, explains everything really clearly, and most importantly, makes each lesson fun!

Reviewed by chanelady,
21 July 2013


If you have ever worried that you cannot learn to dance, don't! B.D.E. classes are fun and relaxed. You are able to pace yourself, repeat classes and progress as quickly or as slowly as you want. Go for it! Dancing is addictive, fun and a great way of keeping fit whilst learning a new skill.