We have THREE New Beginners Latin and Ballroom classes starting in January 2019.

You can join these classes at the dates, times and locations as follows:

january 2019

22jan7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Tuesdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Cairns Rd Baptist Church Hall, Redland Bristol BS6 7TH

23jan7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Wednesdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Cairns Rd Baptist Church, Redland Bristol BS6 7TH

24jan7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Thursdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Elmgrove Road, Cotham, Bristol BS6 6AH

click on date to see more details

Click on the image to download the brochure.

winter term timetable

  • No need to book

    Really, just show up at the venue on the day, the more the merrier, our halls are big enough for all comers.

  • No experience needed

    If you have not danced before this is the class for you, we expect everyone to be a complete beginner.

  • No partner needed

    Come with a partner, with friends or on your own as there are always people to dance with.

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – The Grand Final

Have you ever wondered what makes people popular? Perhaps it’s someone you respect and look up to? Maybe it’s someone who’s good looking? Talented? Or the bloke that buys the beer? The people who are like you? Those with the same hobbies, ethics or value systems? It could be that there is a high level...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 11

Let’s talk about semi-finals in the real world. Semi-finals are make or break, they are the gateway to the final, to wealth, to fame, or fortune, to deity, to that foot onto the rostrum. They are also events that can be full of tension, nerves and apprehension, a singular event that can switch the tide...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 10

So, what does fusion – ‘foo-jen’ – mean to you? To me it is a metal bending company in Birmingham. It is also a term used by Uncle Ken in his Chinese cookery books: When East Meets West. I am told that in music it is when two genres come together, a bit like Bonny...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 9

It’s bad news good news time. The bad news is that you’ve got to have your legs amputated. The good news is that the bloke in the next bed wants to buy your slippers. The good news is they play golf in heaven. The bad news is that you’re teeing off next Wednesday. The bad...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 8

On 17th March 1915 Henry Pitts Brown was born in Kennington, London, the son of Harry (Pitts Brown), an American entertainer and a Russian Jew called Eva Rosenthal, no relation to our Jim. Brought up as an orthodox Jew himself he would remind you, in looks, of Sammy Davis Jnr’s healthier, older brother. Henry went...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 7

Back in 1981, when I was a mere pup, I went to Earls Court to see The Royal Tournament, a combination of gymnastics, music, soldiers, horsemanship, physical peak, and without doubt the largest display of military theatre anywhere in the world. I wasn’t that enamoured with war and killing, the same can be said today,...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 6

This introduction may seem a bit random but it isn’t so please go with me on this. Sir Frederick Sewards Trueman, Fred, is the greatest English Test Match bowler of all time. He played for Yorksher, latterly Derbyshire, and was the first Englishman to take 300 Test Match wickets in an era where there were...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 5

About a year ago I was preparing my research, Bonfire Night looming. I was going to tell tales of mischief night, kids in a village building their own pyre, stories of hot potatoes, parkin and playing chicken, that’s throwing fireworks at each other, bangers mainly. I’d lined up the inside gossip on Guy Fawkes, a...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 4

No one knows the exact origin of Halloween. The word was never used until the sixteenth century; prior to that the day had been a pagan celebration, a time for the Romans to feast in honour of one of their gods, the chance for Christians to thank their God for the harvest and to toast...

Strictly 2012 Series 10 – Week 3

I was called to the production meeting of this week’s show when a message whistled at me from my new mobile phone. That’s right, a whistle. When there’s an email it rings like a doorbell. When the phone itself rings you can set a ringtone or even a pop song. Imagine that! Anyway, the car...