We have THREE New Beginners Latin and Ballroom classes starting in January 2019.

You can join these classes at the dates, times and locations as follows:

january 2019

22jan7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Tuesdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Cairns Rd Baptist Church Hall, Redland Bristol BS6 7TH

23jan7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Wednesdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Cairns Rd Baptist Church, Redland Bristol BS6 7TH

24jan7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Thursdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Elmgrove Road, Cotham, Bristol BS6 6AH

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strictly 2013 series 11 week 9

  • No need to book

    Really, just show up at the venue on the day, the more the merrier, our halls are big enough for all comers.

  • No experience needed

    If you have not danced before this is the class for you, we expect everyone to be a complete beginner.

  • No partner needed

    Come with a partner, with friends or on your own as there are always people to dance with.

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 9

The joys of parenthood. Within minutes of being born a child assumes a special place, one of privilege and honour, there to be protected, nurtured, given the greatest chance to make the best of everything that life has to offer. Babies are pampered and kids are lauded but when they hit a certain age they...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 8

In 1979 Mary Collins caused a massive stir amongst the Bible belt of middle England when her film contained nudity, the greatest wet t-shirt contest of all time, temptation and the ‘F’ word before it meant Food. I talk of the film ‘10’, Mary better known as Bo Derek, the movie grossing $75m on a...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 7

I’m not sure if you’ve ever done any mind reading? If someone is in front of you just copy them, everything, the physiology, the breathing, the eye shape, the tilt of the head, hand movements, then put on their skin and be where they are, looking at you. Experience their planet and the mind read...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 6

Did you know that humans are only born with two innate fears? Loud noise and falling. Little wonder that plane crashes aren’t popular. As life develops fears are taught, survival triggers other instincts (this is why some animals run away from an approaching car, others are less lucky) and our experience tells us what to...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 5

In 1991 I won a ticket for the Rugby World Cup Final at Twickenham in a raffle. The joy I felt was akin to that first beer, that first solo drive, that first kiss when you realise that the girl is real, and is staying. I have not been so lucky since. Lottery wins tally...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 4

On Tuesday the boiler was fixed. No, not the ex, but the combi in the kitchen. Sorry, couldn’t resist that but I’m sure you’ve been wondering. Have you ever had those moments when something strange happens, when you find out something that changes your life? Only last week a friend of mine discovered that his...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 3

On Friday the boiler was condemned. No, not the ex, but the combi in the kitchen. Outside a storm raged, the temperature dropped, the winter was taking hold and the realisation that there would be no heating or hot water for four or five days sent a shiver . . . well added another. I...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 2

I got the call early on Friday. Bruce was out. So I told everybody. And that’s when the confusion began. You could be forgiven for thinking that there was just one Bruce but then one smart Alec, well Mark actually, came back with Lee, Kent, Wayne and Robert The. I retorted with Grobbelaar, Almighty, Willis,...

Strictly 2013 Series 11 – Week 1

In the world of the PLC, autumn is a heady time. It is a time of budgeting, the big push for the end of the year, talks of restructuring and it is a very twitchy time for middle and senior management. Whilst September sees the highest birth rate following the Christmas rush the autumn is...

End of Winter 2013 Term Update

Hello Dancers This has been a short term and Easter is racing up, so it is time to give you all the important dates for the end of term and for the beginning of the new term after the break. The final night of term will be Wednesday 27th March. There will be no classes...