We have Two New Beginners Latin and Ballroom classes starting in April 2018. You can join the classes on:

  • Wednesday 11th April 9pm-10:15pm
    St Bonaventures Club

  • Thursday 12th April 7:45pm-9pm
    The Elmgrove Centre
    (main hall entrance on Elmgrove Road)

  • No need to book

    Really, just show up at the venue on the day, the more the merrier, our halls are big enough for all comers.

  • No experience needed

    If you have not danced before these are the classes for you, we expect everyone to be a complete beginner.

  • No partner needed

    Come with a partner, with friends or on your own as there are always people to dance with.

  • Pay as you go

    Classes are £7 (£6.50 Concessions) per person per class. Pay for each class as you arrive. Only pay for the classes you attend.

Click on the image to download the brochure.
strictly 2017 series 15 week 1

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 1

The last time we saw Lord Len he was standing regally accepting the plaudits, a tear in his eye, a man waving goodbye to a surprising yet glittering career as the Head Juddge on the most popular TV show of its era. The band played, the ticker tape rained, smiles beamed, the noise of gratitude...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 13 – Final

It is the morning after the night before, a long night when you bless the person who invented pause TV, just the 135 minutes of live telly to navigate. Time then for drinks, natural breaks, a fetch of the hankies, a chance to shout into a pillow at the incredulity of the show, the bad...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 12

It was the dance off from hell. It’s not really what you would have wanted. It was like the fourth seed against the top seed, Henman versus Agassi, Donny Rovers taking on Leeds, back in the day, Cooper fighting Ali, the times when you knew that the underdog very rarely had its day. Of all...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 11

Do you ever check out the size of products or the packaging, scratch your head and wonder? Me too. If you take the Wagon Wheel biscuit as an example I’m told that it hasn’t changed its size in the last forty years, merely that time has distorted perspective. When you are small everything is big....

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 10

It didn’t seem right did it? I looked at the TV screen and there, behind my new favourite hostess, resplendent in a full length white frock, too long again, the hem trapping high heels every step, tantalisingly slit to the left thigh, was a bloke in a pastel striped shirt, no bow tie nor jacket,...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 9 – Blackpool

There’s nothing quite like an out of season holiday town in the rain. The waves looked like the menace of an All Blacks pack of forwards, inevitable, relentless, battering the defences. The North Pier survived somehow. The squall of the wind accounted for many umbrellas, wrecked, discarded. Inches eroded from the coastline. The locals wore...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 8

I’m sure that you’ve heard of PopMaster, Ken Bruce’s poptastic quiz, half ten, ish, week days, Radio 2, 39 points available, 3 for each standard question, 6 for a bonus (there are 3), the winner given the chance to do 3 in 10, the prizes a ‘One Year Out’ t-shirt, a blue tooth speaker or...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 7

A few Novembers ago I was driving through South Wales on Remembrance Sunday, no Satnav. Not knowing my way I took in the signs and the countryside. At 11:00am, out of total respect I kept schtumm, didn’t ask . . . and missed the junction. It was funny and no big deal but it is...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 6

I was talking to Juddge Hilzi about Halloween. ‘When we were kids we just knocked on doors and ran away. Or we lifted gates off their hinges.’ I’m sure she knew that when it was our turn we cut washing lines and put milk bottles on doorsteps. Or we tied rope on the back door...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 5

Over the years I have been fortunate to experience many great events. The list includes two Rugby World Cup Finals, Grand Slam days, victories and defeats in Paris, prawn sandwiches at The Theatre of Dreams, Ashes Test Matches, Stevie Wonder at The Garden, NY, even in the director’s seats watching Les Mis in the West...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 4

Did you know that one in four of the adult population of the UK has been diagnosed as sub-clinically depressed? That’s about 14 million people causing huge strain on the NHS when really, there’s not much happening. We’re talking bad day at work, being sacked, share price falling, footy team losing, girlfriend leaving, husband being...

Strictly 2016 Series 14 – Week 3

There are many interpretations and applications of the word shock. It might be when you put your finger in the wrong part of a plug socket or when the world moves involuntarily. It could be when you check your bank balance or when someone does an act of random kindness. A pal of mine, Spud,...