We have TWO New Beginners Latin and Ballroom classes starting in September 2019.

Come along and give either of these classes a try!
The starting dates, times and locations are as follows:

september 2019

10sep7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Tuesdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Cairns Rd Baptist Church Hall, Redland Bristol BS6 7TH

12sep7:45 pm9:00 pmNEW Beginners Class: Thursdays7:45 pm - 9:00 pm Elmgrove Road, Cotham, Bristol BS6 6AH

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strictly 2018 series 16 week 1

  • No need to book

    Really, just show up at the venue on the day, the more the merrier, our halls are big enough for all comers.

  • No experience needed

    If you have not danced before this is the class for you, we expect everyone to be a complete beginner.

  • No partner needed

    Come with a partner, with friends or on your own as there are always people to dance with.

Strictly 2018 Series 16 – Week 1

The world is in a rush; it doesn’t know patience anymore. Gone are the days of waiting for the pop charts on Sunday evening. Music is now available at the click of a mouse. No more dial-a-disc at the local phone box. In fact, no more phone box. The Beeb used to start their FA...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 13 Final

1582. What a year! Queen Elizabeth was mid reign, no, not the same one, the University of Edinburgh was founded, the Spanish decided to claim Argentina and Holland though William the Silent, the founder of sign language, rebelled against the latter, Billy Shakespeare married Annie Hathaway and Pope Gregory Xlll decided to introduce a universal...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 12

I suppose we should call it ‘Speedo Gate’, the day when the Prima Ballerina’s brain and mouth failed to engage in unison, when the electronic links between the neurons and the voice box disintegrated. It provided the second most hilarious moment of the series, after Ruthie’s infamous straddle. Gushing with praise for Alexandra’s Salsa, the...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 11

To begin with I’d like to make a personal statement: what an honour to write this review, such an honour, it means so much, I’m just so grateful. No, I am. Grateful. An honour. It is at times like this that I would like to thank my mum and dad without whom none of this...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 10

When I was at school the English teacher was called Mr Shakespeare. His first name was Geoff. Our music teacher was Mr Tune. Donald. He had a cupple of sons, one of them, Pete, played the violin. The history teachers were Mr ‘Ginger’ Hale and Dick Hutchinson, a passionate cricketing Yorkshireman from Wales, a fast...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 9 Blackpool

When Stephen Sauvestre designed the Eiffel Tower (1887-89) he wanted to put the dance floor right at the top where the viewing arena now resides. He did the wind calcs, allowed for three to four inches of lateral movement and he even tested it for vertigo and nausea. Amongst the guinea pigs were the British...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 8

There were poppies on sale everywhere last week and not just the rubbishy paper versions that we have all exhibited over the decades. There were rugby balls, Grenadier Guard hats, Clifton Suspension Bridge pins, beautiful ceramics, wrist bands, stunning golden brooch tributes to Passchendaele, car stickers, pens, bags, you name in, all in the greatest...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 7

A friend of mine used to be a maintenance man at a hotel. One day he was invited to change the light bulbs in the pool sauna only to be greeted by two stark naked ladies welcoming him into the steam. On the same day he accidentally touched a live wire when mending a plug....

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 6

Did you know that in New Zealand they don’t have pumpkins at Halloween? Just thought I’d throw that out there. The pumpkin on the TV screen reminded me of my boss. No, not the fat orange face but simply the teeth that had been carved into the flesh: triangles, squares, oblongs. His are more like...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 5

Advertising works. Remember some of these? ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom, Esso blue!’ ‘John Collier, John Collier, the Window to Watch!’ ‘Naughty but Nice!’ ‘The Pint that thinks it’s a Quart!’ ‘Go to Work on an Egg!’ ‘Because You’re Worth It.’ Words, images, sounds, colours, music and superstars are all used to sell the brand, to...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 4

Imagine, if you can, the first few steps of courtship. Week One on Strictly, the first date, the blind date, is the reveal, the thin slice, those few seconds where each party juddges the other before the game begins. We all do it; we check out the physical attributes of our potential partner seeing if...

Strictly 2017 Series 15 – Week 3

In 2014 Damien Chazelle, a product of Harvard and Princeton High School, directed a movie called Whiplash. It won three Oscars. At the time he was just 29. A cupple of years later he got the top prize himself, Best Director for the film La La Land though it didn’t win best movie. Remember that?...